Stamina 15-0200 InTone Folding Recumbent Bike

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Stamina 15-0200 InTone Folding Recumbent Bike

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Product Model: Stamina 15-0201


GolfLogix GPS by GARMIN (2007 Model): The Stamina InTone Folding Cycle Pro gives you a low impact cardio workout yet fits almost any workout area. The InTone Folding Cycle Pro puts you in a semi-reclined position to tone your hips, thighs, and buttocks while you get a great low impact cardiovascular workout to increase your metabolism and burn calories and fat more efficiently.


  • Targeted training, multifunction LCD monitor treacks workout time, speed, distance, and calories.
  • Cushioned seat and seatback for greater comfort.
  • Quiet, smooth, easy-to-use adjustable resistance allows you to increase or decrease workout intensity.
  • Adjustable seat fits various user heights.
  • Folding design and wheels allows for convenient storage and easy portability.


Tone your hips, thighs, and buttocks while enjoying a terrific low-impact cardiovascular workout with the InTone recumbent bike from Stamina Products. The bike, which folds into a compact footprint for easy storage and transport, puts you in a comfortable semi-reclined position as you ride, so you won’t strain your back or shoulders. The sturdy steel frame, foam padded grips, and slide-resistant footpads, meanwhile, hold up to long-term use, so you can keep on refining your workouts for years to come. Perhaps most conveniently, the bike offers a multifunction LCD monitor that tracks your workout time, speed, distance, and calories burned, along with an adjustable resistance system that lets you easily increase or decrease your workout intensity. Other details include an adjustable seat that fits various user heights, a quiet motor, and a cushioned seat and seat back. The bike measures 43 to 47 inches long, 25 inches wide, and 41 to 43 inches tall.

About Recumbent Exercise Bikes
Despite the competition from trendy new fitness inventions, exercise bikes continue to be popular options for home exercise. They offer the same aerobic benefits of riding a bicycle at any time, in any weather, without leaving the comfort and safety of home. Exercise bikes don’t take up much space, require little or no balance or coordination, and can provide an effective workout for all levels of users, from beginners to serious competitors. While the same could be said for a number of other types of home fitness equipment, the exercise bike is one of the few that allows you to watch television or read a magazine while you work out.

The term recumbent literally means “lying down.” Exercising in a recumbent or reclining position allows the user to have full ergonomic back support, without causing strain on the arms, neck and shoulders, all of which can be common effects of using an upright bicycle. For many people, having convenient access to quality exercise equipment is critical to sticking with a long-term exercise program.

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