Body Champ BF700 Deluxe Cycle Trainer

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Body Champ BF700 Deluxe Cycle Trainer

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Product Model: Body Max BF700


GolfLogix GPS by GARMIN (2007 Model): This Deluxe Cycle Trainer gives you gym-quality workouts with superb riding momentum and maximum comfort. It features a 30-lb. Steel-shell Flywheel with patented technology, wide gel-comfort seat, and dual purpose safety emergency brake & friction pad. Its streamlined handlebar design allows you to build upper body strength while boosting the benefits of your cardio workout. Your cardio workouts will be effective, smooth, and fluid—and won’t put undue stress on your knees and joints. Quench your thirst throughout your workout sessions with the water bottle included.


  • 1). Featured ?direct-drive? 30 lb. Steel-shell Flywheel for controlled and smooth riding momentum
  • 2). With dual purpose Safety Emergency Brake & Friction Pad
  • 3). Tension easily adjusts with the turn of a knob
  • 4). Streamlined handlebar design to target strength and cardio goals
  • 5). Seat adjusts vertically and horizontally for a tailored fit

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