Marcy Classic Upright Fan Bike

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Marcy Classic Upright Fan Bike

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Product Model: Marcy PL 105


GolfLogix GPS by GARMIN (2007 Model): MCPL 105 Features: -Marcy Classic Cardio System.-Unique air resistance system.-Simple and easy to use.-You pedal faster, the greater the resistance is increased.-Fan air flow provides a comfortable and cooling effect for the user.-Dual action handles for upper body workout.-Transport wheels, adjustable seat.-300 lb user weight capacity. Includes: -Easy to use computer output includes time, distance, calories burned, speed and scan modes. Warranty: -2 year limited warranty.


  • Unique system increases your resistance the faster you pedal
  • Fan’s air flow provides a cooling effect as you exercise
  • Dual-action arms provides a full-body workout
  • Manufacturer warranty: 2 years limited on parts
  • Includes fan bike, owner’s manual and warranty


For a comfortable, cool, and strenuous workout, the Marcy PL105 Upright Fan Bike is a great choice. Why not burn some calories and improve your cardiovascular fitness While listening to your favorite CD or audio book, or starting your day with the morning news? Because Marcy’s PL105 unique air resistance system actually increases the air flow and cools you down the harder you pedal, you can indulge yourself with longer, more comfortable workouts. Soon you’ll be watching entire movies from the seat of your bike! And with the bike’s dual-action arms, no part of your body will be ignored. From your calves up to your pecs, you’ll be experiencing a full workout from the convenience and comfort of your home. And to help prevent you from cheating yourself, the bike’s easy-to-read computer screen will keep you on task with your exercise vitals, including your total distance, number of calories burned, and speed levels.

Feature Detail:

  • Dual-action arms provide a full-body workout
  • User-friendly computer output includes time, distance, calories burned, speed levels, and scan mode
  • Unique system increases your resistance the faster you pedal
  • Fan’s airflow provides a cooling effect as you exercise
  • Adjustable seat
  • Designed to offer a great cardiovascular workout

About Upright Fan Bikes
Despite the competition from trendy new fitness inventions, exercise bikes continue to be popular options for home exercise. They offer the same aerobic benefits of riding a bicycle, but with the “any time, in any weather, from the comfort and safety of home” added convenience. Exercise bikes don’t take up much space, require little or no balance or coordination, and can provide an effective work-out for all levels of users, from beginners to serious competitors. While the same could be said for a number of other types of home fitness equipment, the exercise bike is one of the few that allows you to watch television or read while you work out. With uniquely designed air-resistance systems that actually increase air flow towards the body, fan bikes make an exceptional improvement on the classic stationary bike. As you pedal faster, the cooling air flow increases, making for a more enjoyable and comfortable exercising experience. Plus, fan bikes are designed to mimic the posture and feel associated with road cycles. Exercising in this position helps users train muscles as if they were cycling in the outdoors. For many people, having convenient access to quality exercise equipment is critical to sticking with a long-term exercise program, and fan bikes can be the perfect tool.

What’s in the Box?
Marcy PL105 Upright Fan Bike, owner’s manual, warranty

Manufacturer Warranty
2-year limited warranty on parts

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